456 Survival Squid Challenge

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Do you enjoy Squid Challenge Survival? Or maybe you're a fan of TV series Squid Game. Join us in the game 456 Survival: Squid Challenge This Green light Red light is now available on cellphones, allowing you to play it whenever and anywhere you want. You may play not just Green light Red light game, but also four more famous and memorable games. It's simple to play, but it's not so easy to win ???? AVAILABLE GAME ???? - Green Light, Red Light: The two rule that you have to keep in mind is "Stop when red and Run when green" - Dalgona Challenge: Break the candy with to come out with different shape like: star, umbrella, circle,... - Tug of War: Use your strength to win against the other group. Remember only 50% of you will survive in this game - Coin Guessing: Are you believe your lucky, pick randomly and wish - Glass Stepping Stone: Choose the right glass stone so that your fate wont end regretfully - More and More ???? GAME FEATURES ???? - There are several levels of varying difficu


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