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Zid (2014) Film Songs Lyrics

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Zid (2014) Film Songs Lyrics

Zid Songs

Zid” is a 2014 Hindi film that has Karanvir Sharma, Barbie Handa and Mohan Kapoor in lead roles. We have 2 songs lyrics and 2 video songs of Zid. Sharib and Toshi have composed its music. Arijit Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and Sharib have sung these songs while Shakeel Azmi has penned its lyrics.

On his way back from the nightclub, Ronnie is driving drunk and his truck collides with a scooter driven by Nancy. Due to the impact, Nancy falls off the road and rolls down a slope. Ronnie panics and becomes hysterical, while Maya, a trained nurse, rushes to save the girl. Maya announces that Nancy is dead and convinces Ronnie to flee the scene so the two can avoid being caught.

The next morning, Nancy is found dead, the accident is all over the news, and the Goa cops are on the case. Ronnie, although he’s scared of getting caught all the time, gets involved in the case in strange ways. On the one hand, her ex-girlfriend, Priya, returns to India from London to search for the murderers of her sister Nancy hers. Furthermore, as a journalist, her boss (the editor) orders Ronnie to go to the crash site and report on all aspects of the incident. He does as he’s told, and during her job, he runs into Inspector Moses (Denzil Smith), who suspects that Priya killed Nancy because of her share of her family inheritance and that Ronnie is the partner in Priya’s crime. Meanwhile, Maya continues to protect Ronnie. Ronnie had told his boss that his SUV is in the garage (for repairs), but Maya dumps it in a lake so no one can track it down. She even takes him to the spot and shows him the SUV submerged in the lake.

Investigations reveal that Nancy would have lived even after being hit by the car, but someone strangled her. Priya visits Ronnie in her latrine and asks him to help her find the killer. On their return trip, her brakes fail and she crashes, but she is not hurt. Soon, Priya and Ronnie perked up again. Ronnie even excuses himself from Maya’s birthday dinner so he can spend the night with Priya. Maya later finds out from Ronnie’s office that he is not there, but is with Priya. Maya stalks them and finds Ronnie and Priya having sex. Before sneaking off, Maya angrily feeds Ronnie’s pet puppy Bobby her crocodile.

Priya discovers that Ronnie had been to the same bar and that she even met Nancy the night she was killed. She feels cheated and betrayed. Priya is also suspicious of Maya, she lands in the outhouse and begins to accuse Maya of everything, including the murder of Nancy. They get into a fight. Maya calls Ronnie for help. Ronnie arrives but she attacks him in the head from behind her and he passes out. Maya rushes to leave, but she finds Inspector Moses outside of her and kills him after he expresses his suspicions that she is responsible for Nancy’s death. Ronnie wakes up to discover a cabin with photos of Maya, himself, Nancy, Priya, Moses, and even Bobby (the pet) on the walls, with red crosses on the dead. Maya reappears and reveals her role in the murders. She also tells him that she had previously killed her own sister by pushing her from the boat into a lake in a fit of jealousy.

Zid (2014) Film Songs Lyrics

Zid (2014) Film Songs Lyrics

Zid Songs & Lyrics

Tu Zaroori
Singer : Sunidhi Chauhan, Sharib
Music : Sharib, Toshi
Lyrics : Shakeel Azmi
Saanson Ko
Singer : Arijit Singh
Music : Sharib, Toshi
Lyrics : Shakeel Azmi

Zid Cast & Crew

Directed ByVivek Agnihotri
Produced ByAnubhav Sinha
BannerAnubhav Sinha Productions Pvt Ltd
Benaras Media Works
StarringKaranvir Sharma
Barbie Handa
Mohan Kapoor
LyricsShakeel Azmi
SingerArijit Singh
Sunidhi Chauhan
ScreenplayVivek Agnihotri
Rohit Malhotra
Story WriterVivek Agnihotri
Rohit Malhotra
DialoguesVivek Agnihotri
Rohit Malhotra
CinematographyYash Bhatt
GenreAction, Drama
Release DateNovember 28, 2014

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